How Is Cloud Hosting Different From Traditional Hosting

How Is Cloud Hosting Different From Traditional Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most advanced type of hosting, but it is not the only way it is different from traditional or shared hosting. Cloud web hosting has been gaining increased popularity among website owners these days, thanks to the hosting flexibility and numerous benefits it offers over other web hosts. A cloud server offers more benefits to a website and an end-user. Whether it’s a startup or an e-commerce site, it has been found to be more advantageous than its counterparts.

Things That Differentiate Cloud Hosting From Traditional Hosting

Unlike a physical server, cloud hosting is a kind that includes multiple servers on the web. These serves are spread across the Internet to make it easier for a website owner and an end-user to access the site from any part of the world.

From technology to pricing, there are numbers of things that pose as elements differentiating cloud web hosting from the traditional form of hosting. Below are some of the most major provisions that make the hosting better than other types:

  • Scalability

One of the foremost points differentiating the two hosting types is the scalability. A cloud web host provides a highly scalable environment with an impressive uptime. As there are multiple servers involved in the hosting type, a website does not go down and works efficiently. For example- If one server fails to respond to a request, there is another to take its place. This feature also enables a website owner to access the site from any part of the globe and work on it.

  • Flexible Pricing

In a shared or traditional hosting, a customer has to pay for the purchased plan even when they didn’t use all the features of the package. This is not the case when there is a cloud web hosting in place. The host comes with a flexible pricing feature. In this, website owners pay only for the services they have taken, and not for the ones they haven’t used. In addition, they can easily adjust their plan when the traffic on a website increases or decreases.

  • Security

Although cloud hosting involves multiple servers on the web, it is securer than traditional hosting. It is because a cloud server caters to only one website and other websites do not share its server space. In addition, a website owner gets more security-related features when they get a cloud host package from one of the best service providing companies.

  • Deployment

A cloud server is easier to deploy than a physical server. There is no need to plan a setup, get hardware equipment, and hire a professional developer. A cloud web host comes with simple deployment features. In addition, there is no need to set up special hardware tools to manage files and databases of a website.

  • Verdict

Cloud hosting is more reliable, flexible, and secure than traditional hosting. It comes with more benefits for a website and its owners that cannot be availed from a physical server. So, get the best cloud hosting for your website and manage it effectively.

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