How To Make Cloud Migration Smoother

How To Make Cloud Migration Smoother

Businesses and developers now realize that cloud computing has so many advantages that cannot be neglected. The problem is that migrating from regular operations to the cloud is not at all something simple. There are so many changes that are necessary and most businesses do not actually have the necessary knowledge to make the right steps. 

Obviously, the best option is to work with a cloud integration service provider that will make the transition simpler. However, it is always better to at least be aware of the following things that make cloud migration smoother. 

Focusing On The Basics

We are talking about a migration service so all steps of making a migration should be followed. There will be some downtime so it is always best to do testing while the main server is live. You have specific things that will practically start the migration, like changing domain DNS. Before those steps are taken, you want to do as much testing as possible to be sure that everything is going to work well. Be aware of the time it takes to make all changes and if downtime is too long, be sure there is a way for your customers to know about this, especially in advance whenever possible. 

Know The App

You have to understand the bottlenecks that can appear with the application and its architecture. What parts are going to have to deal with heavy loads? You are surely interested in scalability so if you do want to take full advantage of all that the cloud offer, be sure that the app can assume the different end points present at all layers of operation. 

Integrating API

Cloud API is something you want to analyze whenever it is available for you. Integrate it in your app before you start making the migration. Check the development blog or database of the service provider you will use and fully understand how you can use the API for better migration. You also want to be sure that you test the API after you integrate it, before the migration actually happens. 

Monitor Performance

Monitoring app performance is always a necessity for basically all businesses that use any type of app or that want to use any cloud service. Besides the fact you want to monitor app performance after migration is completed, you have to see how the app performs before the migration. As you deploy an app in public cloud, various endpoints appear. Focus on how hosts perform and seriously consider using cloud monitoring services to measure everything. 

Always Have A Roll Back Plan

Last but not least, there are situations in which cloud migration fails. Sometimes this cannot actually be controlled because something completely unexpected happens. That is why before you start migrating you have to fully understand what will happen if the process fails. Having a roll back plan in place is a true necessity or you might end up losing a lot of data that cannot be easily recuperated. Always plan for failure in order to avoid the huge extra pain that is associated with it.  

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