Xiaomi 6 Mi6 4G Smartphone Review


Most telephones handle very good peak brightness, along with also the xiaomi mi 6 surely does this hitting 600 nits, but it also does well in the dark — if you need what is onscreen to be observable but not blinding.

Xiaomi is one the few brands which has not yet made the change from 1080p into quad-HD on some of its telephones, but in most ways that are a fantastic thing. The 5.15-inch LCD panel here’s among the best I have noticed, and is noticeably more appealing compared to Huawei P10 as a result of much richer colors and a more even brightness.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is just one such apparatus; a streamlined Android phone offering lots of power along with a beautiful display which undercuts even the OnePlus 5 for the value.

Look–Excellent 4-curved glass frame and stainless steel emphasize framework layout

Xiaomi 6 includes Zoom Double 12.0MP Rear Cameras, make your photos more beautiful.

Contrary to Huawei and OnePlus, Xiaomi has to be a household name beyond its native China. But even though the apparatus of Xiaomi might not be readily available in America and Europe, a number of them are worth hunting down.


1 * Xiaomi 6 Telephone

Camera–Zoom Double 12.0MP Rear Cameras along with 8.0MP Front Camera

Network–Complete Netcom, Double Card Double Standby (two * Nano SIM Card)

The mix of the small screen, intensely curved sides on the trunk and also the slightly curved display imply that if you’re trying to find a phone that is comfortable to utilize one-handed then that is it.

1080p appears the ideal selection for a screen of the size and pixels are not possible to see. You gain from that display, which requires significantly less electricity with battery life — a different region where the Mi 6 impresses’ effect.

Ability–6GB RAM + 64GB ROM Big Storage

It seems great also, and considering that the cost is well constructed from the main. While there is no plastic except for a few quantity keys that were mushy, a few corner-cutting has taken place. The Mi 6 picks up scratches once I took it I found a scratch. Moreover, the glass panel has begun to come unstuck and with force I will pry it off leaving a gap.

Battery–Constructed 3350mAh Poly-li Enormous battery

1 * Battery (Constructed)

Display–5.15In. FHD Eye-protection Display, 1920*1080pixel

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is an iteration of this design first seen with the organization’s Mi 5 phone this past year, and contemplating that handset has been a joy to use and hold, this is far from an problem. In reality, the Mi 6 is still one of those sole Android flagships — besides the Huawei P10 — to stay with a rather small 5-inch screen and maintain the telephone manageable in size.

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