Why Is Not The Air Conditioner Cooling Properly?

Summer is here and its time you take a little care of your air conditioner. After all, as the temperature rises, air conditioners will be used extensively.

A regular maintenance of your AC is extremely important, especially before every summer. However, if there are some issues with your air conditioning system, it’s better to get the repair work done by a professional before it’s too late. Reputed companies like Voltas will send in their technicians immediately and give you a clear idea about what exactly is wrong with the system and what can be done about it.

One of the most common issues which users face with air conditioners is – it is not cooling properly. Well, no doubt there are chances that it is just because of the high exterior temperature, but it could even be because of some fault in the air conditioning system. Here we have discussed some of the basic reasons of why your air conditioner might not be cooling properly. Go through them, and you will get a clear idea whether it is time to call in a professional or not…

Reasons of why the AC is not cooling properly:

Blocked air filter: Air filter gets clogged very easily and this greatly reduces the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. You can fix this issue by either cleaning the air filter or by replacing it if needed.

Debris on the coils: If the air conditioner is not cooling sufficiently, there are chances that the condenser coils have debris accumulated on it. The condenser coil, just like the air filter, needs to be cleaned regularly. If there is a lot of debris on the coil, it will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and thereby make it work harder to cool the room.

Inadequate coolant: Coolant circulates through evaporator coils and ensures that cool air is send into the room. If the level of this coolant reduces, the AC will not be able to cool the room. If this is the case, it is ideal to call a professional to refill the coolant in the system.

Defective thermostat: Thermostat is a sensor, which informs the compressor about the room temperature. Depending on this information, the compressor will start and stop working. If there is some issue with the thermostat, the air conditioner might not cool the room sufficiently.

Compressor issues: If there are any issues with the compressor, the AC will stop cooling. Compressor is the most important part of an AC and it ensures that the entire process of cooling inside the system is working properly. So, if there is an issue with the compressor, it is recommended that you take due note of it.


Defective system parts: There are many technical reasons because of which your AC might not be working properly. For instance, faulty capacitor, control board, motor or choked capillary, etc. If it is difficult for you to determine what the exact issue with the AC is, it is recommended that you call a professional and stop using the AC temporarily.

Other reasons like high atmospheric temperature, or the AC being undersized, or the remote being faulty, etc. can also be the reason why there is insufficient cooling. Whenever, you aren’t sure about the issue, it is recommended that you call in for a professional technician.


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