The duress password is an innovative feature

The duress password is an innovative feature

Technology is very advantageous as it helps you do things quickly. You can use the internet to do business transactions within no time. At the same time, you expose your banking accounts to hackers waiting to gain entry into the system. Hence, it is better to have the latest security systems installed in your smart phones. The existing PGP security system is an effective one. However, the hackers have gained the upper hand as they have managed to break the security cordon. Hence, there is a need for an updating to the system. You have a different and much stronger technology in Elliptical Curve Cryptography waiting for you to offer an infinitely higher level of security.

The strength of this algorithm is never in doubt because the defense establishments use it for their secretive communications. You will agree that the hackers and infiltrators in the defense sector can be much more knowledgeable and ruthless in weaning out information from the enemy. However, the system has some built-in protection in the form of a duress password.

Let us see how this feature comes in handy. There can be occasions when hackers can try out physical intimidation to wean out information. They can threaten you or coerce you into parting with the access codes. Now, you know that parting with the correct codes can be disastrous. You have the facility of parting with a special password known as the duress password. This is a pre-determined password you assign at the time of the installation of the system. You have to ensure to use this special password in times of an extreme emergency. This is because entering this password can erase all confidential data from your system.

The hacker will be left with nothing but the phone in his hand. There is no way he will be able to use the information. Hence, you can have the last laugh. Of course, you have your data in the cloud that you can retrieve anytime.

There can be an occasion where you might just lose the phone or someone might steal it without your knowledge. Under such circumstances, the smartphone is not in your possession. The data in the phone thus can become vulnerable. It is a different matter that no one will be able to gain access to the data. However, you should not take any chances.

You have a feature in this system known as the remote password. Using this password, you can erase all data from your phone from a remote location. You need your phone to be in the ON position and have access to the internet. In this way you can safeguard your phone data from falling into the wrong hands. You do not find this facility of a remote wipe in any other security system.

Therefore, the ECC 521 is the most advanced security system you can ever have as mobile phone security. We shall look at a couple of other great benefits in some of the blogs to follow.

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