Smart and Fun, And Controversial: The Sonic Release

Smart and Fun, And Controversial: The Sonic Release

A trailer for the movie sonic the hedgehog appeared in the network, the main character of which is a famous character of a computer game. According to the plot of the adventure tape, Sonic falls into the real world, where the road crosses the villains. But no matter how insidious his enemies may be, friends will appear at the hedgehog to help him get out of even the most hopeless situation.

The Premise

Selfish villains are trying to grab a blue hedgehog to use his superpowers for his own purposes. Negative heroes want to build a new world order. And Sonic is trying to prevent the villains.

The Cast

The main roles in the Sonic the hedgehog movie are played by Jim Carrey (“Bruce Almighty”), who played the antagonist of Dr. Eggman. Also in the tape appeared James Marsden (“X-Men: Days of the Future Past”) and Neil McDonough (“Captain America”). The director of the film is Jeff Fowler.

The game “Sonic Hedgehog” was released in 1991. She released the company Sega. Soon this hedgehog became one of the most iconic heroes of computer games. This game has sold a total circulation of 350 million copies.

Earlier, trailers of the animation films “ Addam s Family ” and “ The Secret Life of Pets 2 ” appeared on the network.

The Good and the Bad

Overall, the critics liked the sonic movie trailer for the film about Sonic. They think it will turn out to be a funny and very strange sight in the spirit of either “Paddington” or the same “Detective Pikachu”. It will be far from the games – and normal. However, they strongly doubt that the correct “Sonic” (ecological technotriller about nuclear bombs and little animals chained into metal) would be better. And we agree that the film is more like a screen version of Sonic memes. Yes it is.

Your Understanding

There is only one thing. In order for the audience to understand you correctly, you need to honestly tell them what you are doing. Immediately. Starting with the name. Starting with the first teasers. Tell them what you are doing to the new otvyaznogo Sonic, relying not on the original source in the narrow sense of the word (game), but on the contribution of the character to modern popular culture.

Burn, come off, have fun. Scoff at the boring crowd. And think up a name that reflects the essence of the project (relatively speaking, “Sonic the Hedgehog runs to your mother”) and shows that this is a spinoff, not a rewriting of a canon. Another thing is that if modern Sonic brand managers were capable of it, then everything would be much better with games about Sonic.

The film is definitely going to be a very important one and therefore you can have fun time watching your favorite comic character on 3D live motion picture. This is the perfect picture for fans of all the ages and therefore, it is of no doubt that the film is going to grab the box office.

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