Regular Training Vital To Getting The Most Out Of CMM Equipment

    Regular Training Vital To Getting The Most Out Of CMM Equipment

As someone in the competitive manufacturing business, you know that keeping up with new tech developments in hardware and software is the key to surviving in an ever-changing industry. Assembly lines are becoming ever more integrated, and the machines on your factory floor are capable of monitoring and responding to production issues that would have been difficult to imagine a generation ago. The rate of change increases with every passing year.

But while all these changes bring with them faster, more efficient, less wasteful ways of growing you business and delivering high quality product to your clients, the speed of change also puts added stress on businesses and employees. As a recent story in Forbes pointed out, a new survey indicates that global business leaders believe technological advancement to be one of the biggest challenges they are currently facing.

For production lines that use coordinate measuring machines, these truths were brought home by some of the new software that became available in 2017. Coordinate measuring machines can now do more than ever. The newest software, PolyWorks, allows machines to check product for abnormalities or errors immediately after production, and monitors the cycle to ensure that wear and tear on tools does not compromise product quality through sudden or unexpected degradation.

If these developments are integrated into your factory operation, they can save a huge amount of time, and introduce significant savings in the area of flawed parts, but only if your employees know how to get the most out of them.

So how can you ensure that employees utilize the latest CMM technology in its fullest capacity? Here are a few points to keep in mind when planning how you’ll make sure your teams know how to get the most out of the equipment they are using.

  • Change can be uncomfortable, even when it saves time in the long run. When introducing new technology, you need to make sure your workers are equipped with the knowledge to maximize usage — even if they may at first be reluctant. Your employees have gotten used to doing things a certain way, and they need to understand that they will benefit from this, too. Make sure they know that the changes being implemented are an improvement on previous technologies and methods.
  • When it comes to information, more isn’t always better. Employees are more likely to retain smaller amounts of data that are reinforced more regularly. Instead of taking valuable workers off the floor for daylong training sessions, find a way to incorporate their training into their work. It saves time, and they’ll be more likely to remember it. Fortunately, there are plenty of e-learning options tailored specifically to help operators upgrade their knowledge of the new CMM technologies and software available.
  • Even the best training programs will leave employees sometimes needing to double or triple-check what they’ve learned while responding to issues on the floor. Make sure your training program allows operators to easily access what they’ve already learned, so they can approach problems confident in their knowledge and ready to address whatever problems may arise.

Keeping these tips in mind will guarantee that you get the most out of your training sessions — without running up costs. And remember: the better your employees’ understanding of the software, the more prepared they will be get the most out of it!


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