How will SEO Change in 2018?

How will SEO Change in 2018?

Only change is constant. Well! The same thing applies to the world of SEO as well. The search engine optimization trends have observed many drastic changes when you look at that them since its very beginning and the changes are still taking place. SEO experts can clearly illustrate these changes that have taken place that include the changes in the strategies and search ideas, the websites for promotion, the type of content and in keywords. The same trend is going to continue in the year 2018 as well. So, let us have a look at some of the expected changes in search engine optimization marketing strategies in the coming year.

  1. Ban on Negative SEO and Black Hat Tricks

Several efforts will be made to ensure keeping a good check on negative SEO and spamming. Google is going to come up with much more strict rules to prevent spamming and to stop the search engine marketers who prefer black hat SEO to get higher ranks quickly. Google is still doing the same but it is going to make things like spamming and negative SEO even more difficult for the SEO companies which look out for easier promotion ways. The Google algorithms are getting more sophisticated to ensure that your black hat tricks will not do any more good to you now. In fact, you can lend into great trouble if you are caught spamming.

  1. Change in Exact Keyword Research

The users are going to get improved search results in the year 2018 since the AdWords will no longer depend on bots to match exact keyword research. Experts say that Google will use signal rather than keywords to find the most relevant links to answer the users’ search. These signals will be very difficult for the advertising companies to understand. SEO will also be influenced by strategies like events, press releases and contests rather than solely relying upon content in the times to come.

  1. SEO for Mobile Devices

The mobile and voice search based results are also likely to improve in 2018 with the increasing number of users who use mobiles for searching information. The SEO strategies for mobile websites are not necessarily going to be similar to the ones that are used for websites. You will have to prioritize your page load speed in both desktop and mobile realms in order to keep your SEO game fresh.

  1. Improved Content Quality

The upcoming year is going to be great for clients and users since Google is going to add a whole array of new content like snippets, one box and knowledge panels that will offer improved and informative search results to its users. The companies will have to provide more informative, catchy and Google friendly content. Google can undoubtedly differentiate between well written original content and poor quality unoriginal content. So, strive for quality and not quantity.

  1. Need to Go Local

You will need to adopt the LSEO practices even if you are a major eCommerce company. This is because studies show that people enjoy supporting local products and services. You need to bring in some LSEO practices to keep your business running whether you do it by focusing on some major metros with company headquarters or on the home state of the founders of the company.

  1. Watch Out for Algorithm Updates

It is really important to stay alert and watch out for all algorithm updates. Facts from the experts say that Google is going to start rolling out Panda updates each quarter. The next Panda update is most likely scheduled for the New Year. You need to create and build up a sustainable SEO campaign to survive these changes and updates.

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