How to properly service an auto robot lawn mower?

How to properly service an auto robot lawn mower?

The conventional lawn mowers used to be extremely tedious in terms of care, maintenance and service. Apart from being very uneconomical in terms of fuel, the conventional lawn mowers required a lot of care to be taken of. The new auto robot lawn mowers are the ones that are far easier to maintain and they require very less maintenance as well. Since the design of these new lawn mowers is very compact, you need not to clean them all the time. The service and maintenance is required once in a long while so there is nothing to worry about. The time period for the maintenance of the lawn mower depends upon your usage of the mower.

In this guide we are going to present to you the necessary things that should be done for Entretenir sa tondeuse automatique or the service of the lawn mower. These typically include the following series of steps.

  • Cleaning

The most crucial thing for the service is to thoroughly clean the machine. Since there are not too many parts in the machine so you need not to spend a lot of time in the cleaning process. Just a few steps to clean the blades and the body of the mower and there you are. The best way to clean the clipped grass is to do it with the help of a hoover. You can make use of a narrow nozzle to clean the stuck pieces of grass.

  • Replacing the blades

Since all the work of the mowing is done by the blades of the mower, therefore they get dull with the passage of time and it is a must to replace the older blades with the newer ones to make sure that the clipping of the grass is done properly and that there is an even bed of grass obtained after the job is accomplished. Make sure you are taking care of it and changing the blades whenever necessary. The time period to change the blade depends upon your weekly usage of the mower.

  • Battery

The next thing to care for is the battery of the mower since the mower will function according to the battery. So make sure that the batteries are charged and that the robot is getting proper charging from the dock. Replace the batteries whenever required and full the acid of the batteries according to the time defined by the manufacturers. The better the batteries will be, the better will be the performance of the mower.

  • Professional servicing

If you do not have the proper tools and stuff needed for the service of the auto robot lawn mower, then here we are to tell you that there are professionals who offer their services in this regard and you can take help from them in order to make sure that the service is being done properly. You can take the mower once a year to the professional cleaning or more if you like.

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