All about sustainable agriculture

All about sustainable agriculture

We all know about the green revolution that has been occurred in the period of 1960 to 1970. This period was fully devoted to the agricultural research that how we can increase the productivity of our crops. This research has made groundbreaking inventions in the agricultural sector that we are enjoying the benefits today. in this research there were multiple motives involves increasing the productivity of crops, introducing synthetic fertilizers and also modernizing the way of farming.

It is the result of that invention that we are able to increase food production all over the world. Small areas of farming lands start producing huge yields and make food easy to come by and everyone can reach it. As present-day cultivating rehearses built up, the requirement for reasonably sustainable agriculture was expanded from monetary and sustenance supportability to ecological and social manageability. While the dimension of interest in agricultural innovative work has been considerably decreased since the green 1970, the learning inside the part has enormously expanded and rural organizations have balanced their practices to convey agribusiness maintainability.

What is sustainable agriculture?

All kind of agricultural industries are booming nowadays like sugar, fisheries, grains etc. and this is all because of sustainable agriculture. In the past, the land of agriculture does not produce that much of the food that it is growing nowadays. That’s why during green revolution researcher make sure that people can grow a handsome amount of food all over the globe. Sustainable agricultural practices are now going on all over the world. Many countries are trying to make more groundbreaking innovations according to it and these researches are mostly funded by the government in these countries.

Sustainable agriculture terms have made those countries rich with crops where the land is very low to grow and have limited water supply and extreme weather conditions. There are many countries who use agriculture as the key business to their country and these countries are using methods of sustainable agriculture for decades. But now the fields are becoming weaker with the extra usage of poeticized fertilizers, so we have to think for some other solutions to grow food for the increasing population of the world.

Make sustainable farms

A developed country always worry about its agriculture. Countries like Australia has one of the best examples of sustainable farms. In Australia, a single farm grows more crops and vegetables than normal farms of many Asian countries like India and Pakistan. These sustainable farms are making groundbreaking records of producing food. A farmer of these farms is fully aware of the technicalities behind the soil of the farming land and also the new fertilizers that are being invented day by day.

In the end, I will conclude this in such a way that with the growing population in the world and decreasing death rate, the current amount of crops will not be able to produce that amount of food that will feed everyone. So we need to come up with some more groundbreaking inventions in the agricultural sector.

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