What You Can Expect To Pay In Mooresville for IT Support

What You Can Expect To Pay In Mooresville for IT Support

Being a successful business owner takes an extreme amount of hard work and effort. Yes, there might be some sleepless nights wondering if a new project will pay off. If the new computer network will be operating in the morning. But there doesn’t have to be pressure on the owner if they follow simple rules for networking their business.

Major challenges that can occur with any new small business are the ability to have an outsource company update your servers and networks. Having an IT support plan is an ideal benefit to your business.

What Can an IT Tech Accomplish?

Mooresville, North Carolina has an extensive team for your computer needs. Including upgrading hardware, connecting to servers, and offering support. An IT tech can also assist businesses with email monitoring, spam, antivirus protection, online data backup, desktop monitoring, and mobile phone monitoring. Business owners are fully aware that complications can arise when the computer network isn’t working properly. Employees aren’t able to perform their job duties and the company can lose days of hard work. Don’t hesitate to call an IT support team in Mooresville, NC for your network issues.

Cost of Hiring an IT Tech or Outsource

An IT tech person can assist with various needs including when the network is running on downtime. Downtime is when the information takes several minutes to load, web pages are slow booting up, and employees have to recreate missing or deleted documents. This is when you should consider hiring an IT tech to handle your server problems. Your employees will be able to complete their assignments on time and won’t have to redo any unnecessary work. It will allow them to begin other tasks that may require more attention. They can troubleshoot networking issues for a flat monthly fee.

When searching for an IT Tech it’s important for a small business to have at least $1,000-$2,500 set aside for outsourcing each month. Actually hiring a professional It tech would cost the company anywhere between $40,000-$60,000 a year which most small businesses won’t be able to afford.

IT Tech Support breaks down into three categories:

Network management $300 per month,

Server Management $250 per month,

Desktop Management $50 per month


One Tech can charge $60-$100 per hour

One or Two Techs $75-$125 per hour

Mid-sized IT company (5-10) $90-$150 per hour

Large IT company $100-$225 per hour

These prices are approximate and may vary with each IT company depending on the services they provide and how long the project takes to complete the tasks assigned.

If an employer has two servers for 10 employees that’s equivalent to approximately $1,200 per month or $12,000 a year as opposed to hiring a full-time professional at a higher pay scale. Outsourcing IT support is the cheapest and most efficient way for small businesses to handle their IT problems.

With technology today, it’s of vital importance for every small business to have a highly skilled IT Tech.

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