What is URET Patcher? Types of Patches Supported

What is URET Patcher? Types of Patches Supported

URET Patcher is considered to be the best alternative to Freedom Apk and Lucky Patcher app. Unlike other patch apps, URET doesn’t need rooting or any extra things too. It is a patching app which can work only with selected and popular apps like Asphalt 8, Clash of Clans etc. It usually supports widely used and premium apps.

Coded by Jasi2169, URET Patcher and all of its patches don’t violate any copyright of apps. It just makes changes to the Android files that are open source, instead modifying any APK. Hence, there is no legal trouble on using this app.

Types of Patches Supported

Code Patch

It doesn’t require Xposed App. It is the patch code of this app. Unpatch the app before updating or you will get installation error. You can patch it again after installation.

License Patch

It requires Xposed. Before patching, run the app at least one time. It patches in-app purchases and Google license. It considers fake data as legit as response from servers. It works for users. You have to patch just one time.

Dalvik Patch

It patches the cache of your app. You don’t have to unpatch it first. You can update it easily. However, updating or reinstalling the app can remove the patch and you need to patch again.

Save Patch

Before patching, run the app at least one time. It patches the data. You have to patch only once. You don’t have to patch again after updates.

Native Patch

It is used to patch native codes, especially for games. On updates, you have to patch again.

Hook Patch

It requires Xpose. It makes changes in the application.

Module Patch

This patch can fix system checks. Some apps need hard protected apps with other patches. On updates, it needs patch once more.

Rooting Your Android Phone?

Keep in mind that rooting your Android is like jailbreak. It means you are getting total control on the device and breaking all the locks in your device. You can unlock the OS and replace firmware, change its default settings, delete bloatware, update the OS, install third-party apps, and underclock your processor.

This is actually why other apps like Lucky Patcher need rooting of your device. It modifies Apk files and creates another modified APK. For a user who is not so tech friendly, rooting seems to be a very technical term. If you root a device without proper knowledge, it is very harmful. Even a single mistake can ruin everything. However, rooting tools and apps have been developed over the years to root your device with one click. You can either root the device using system or apps.

Final Words

URET Patcher is a great patching tool which works only on select apps. It is not a universal tool that can work on all apps. It also has a universal patch to check license from play store. It is very effective patch app as it doesn’t need jailbreak. You can simply use it to patch any app for free.

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