What Animation Software Do I Need To Learn?

What Animation Software Do I Need To Learn?

The learning of animation production includes the use of technology and the art. Some software are best suited for starters while others are best for the seasoned animation experts. Students and fresh graduates from animation and art schools have a lot to learn using the relevant software found over the Internet. Some are free to use while others are paid versions. What matters is the features and ease of use for the beginners. Experts from ilustra.co.uk have tested and used some of the best animation software in the world and recommends the following;

Flash – Adobe software

Every art school will advise their students to use this software as a starter package. Likewise, amateurs who are looking for a soft start point are better with flash software due to the ease of use and rich features. The beauty about the software is that one does not have to sketch the art on a piece of paper and then scan. It allows a direct use on the screen using the provided tools for web related animations. The software is less costly and that makes it convenient for starters and students who are looking for easy options to learn.

After Effects

Starters are looking for conventional options which can give them a basic start. If you are planning to start on character animation, the after effect is your best shot. As much as it an easy to use software, it is detailed with features like lip sync and camera assisted depth creation. The after effect animation software has won the hearts of many tutors citing it as the best to use in their teaching courses for beginners. After learning how to use the software users now can feel ready to work on commercial animations.

Poser animation software

Poser is the unsung hero in animation learning with features you only need to try to believe. It is based on 3D animation with features like adjusting the texture, light and doing the rigs among other basic features. As a starter, you cannot ask for more with these features. What is more with this software is that it is considered as one of the best for starters but still wins the hearts of many experts. It is easy to turn to it for a quick animation work and still produce amazing work within a short time.

Blender animation software

For an extremely easy to use 3D animation software, blender is highly recommended. In fact, it is light in weight and runs smoothly with small processors which most starters and students use. Now that you are a learner, blender animation software comes as a free software with an online community-based support. Still, learners can get numerous free courses tutorials based on this software without paying a dime.

Maya software

Maya is a product of auto desk which they bought in 2005. However, it has gained a reputation for being a user-friendly animation software with great features. It is more specific to what the learners and first-time users or any other user. According to experts rating, Maya has scored a higher star than other auto desk animation software. If you are a student, this is a great app worth considering.

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