Top Upcoming Games For PS4

Top Upcoming Games For PS4

As long as there are games, there is no bad time to be a gamer. That being said, there are certainly better times for those of us looking to update our PS4 libraries. If your catalogue of games is ready for a refresh, you’re in luck. This year promises the release of a lot of great titles, including the following 4 games.


We don’t mean to be dramatic, considering Marvel is an entertainment juggernaut that’s worth approximately $4.24 billion USD, but the company has run into a bit of trouble with its fans. In debuting Secret Empire, the comics division announced its plans to reveal Captain America and Magento as Hydra devotees. It’s a spectacularly tone-deaf move, as Nazis become an IRL issue, not to mention the fact that Captain America was written by two Jewish men in response to the Second World War, or the fact that Magneto was held in a concentration camp in his youth.

Needless to say, the fact that a brand new Spider-Man reboot is on the horizon should be good for the Marvel name. While the movie, headed by a fresh-faced Tom Holland, will hit theaters in July, the video game will come out later this year. We’ll at least catch a sneak peek on the newest Spidey in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. From what we can tell so far, the new title is going to look phenomenal.

Detroit: Become Human


For fans of Quantic Dream’s upcoming title, it’s been a long slog. We first caught wind of Detroit: Become Human at the Paris Games Week in 2015. Since then, the Internet has spent the last two years drumming up considerable hype around the neo-noir title. The science fiction thriller RPG allows for maximum flexibility in an environment that doesn’t allow for a game-over message. Sure, characters can die. In fact, Detroit: Become Human is built around softgate choices that can affect the well-being of every character in the game. What happens will all depend on the clues you manage to solve and the dialogue choices you make.

Set in some undefined future where androids exist, Detroit: Become Human contemplates what it means to be human in an increasingly artificial world. One of the characters you can play as is Kara, an android that’s made at the start of the game. If you choose to play as her, you’ll navigate this gritty world wondering how you fit in.

Days Gone


Contain your sigh over yet another zombie apocalypse FPS. We know, it’s an overused genre that got tired a few years ago, but we’re willing to take a chance on the upcoming Sony Bend FPS. Like Detroit: Become Human, it should up the ante with a surprising number of choices you don’t normally get in a survival game. The open world environment encourages you to explore a number of different areas as weather patterns change and the sun rises and sets in ways that will affect how you can solve puzzles and outrun zombies.

Graphics, however, far outweigh any potential ingenuity of plot, as initial tests reveal Days Gone has stunning graphics. An early sneak peek (played on a 4K television) showed details lovingly crafted with impressive physics —like the individual capillaries underneath your character’s skin, the stitching on his clothing, or shifting grass blown by the wind.

Geek out all you want on being able to count the threads in your character’s jacket, but we’re looking forward to seeing these graphics applied to the bloody battles between zombies, who also happen to give Usain Bolt for his money.

We’re willing to bet as the throngs of living dead people descend on our character, we’ll need a PlayStation skin to give us extra grip around our controller. The horror enthusiasts and skin creators at dbrand know sweaty palms can ruin your games. That’s why dbrand has your PS4 skins that are grip enhanced and water-resistant. You may lose your cool as you run for your life, but at least you won’t lose your grasp on the DualShock.

Death Stranding

We got our first oily taste of Hideo Kojima’s bizarre new game at E3 2016, when he debuted a trailer staring Norman Reedus. Since then, he’s released a second video that expanded the star-studded cast to include Danish actor Mads Mikkelson and Spanish director Guillermo del Toro. Unfortunately, it did nothing to answer any of our questions, as the second trailer only added to the confusion.

From Kojima’s own mouth, we’ve learnt that it will be an action adventure RPG, but beyond that we aren’t too sure what gameplay could involve. All we do know is that it’s weird enough that we want to play it — and play it now. Hopefully we’ll get to see gameplay by E3 2017, with a world-wide release in time for the holidays.

And there you have it. Just 4 of the many games set to come out this year. To see a full list of what could be in your PS4 in the upcoming months, check out this page, and don’t forget to keep tabs on the June’s E3 to watch demos on your favorite titles.

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