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Mobile Business World

In order to embrace success a business needs to embrace technology — whether they want to or not. Gone are the days of keeping records in filing cabinets or readable CDs. Even storing important documents on a server farm owned or leased by a business is 20th century. Today’s business world is mobile, easy to setup and customize, and, in many cases, in the cloud. All of this 21st technology is extremely important when you have a business which handles contracts and procurements. In this type of situation, the organization needs to consider Contract Management Software (CMS).

What should businesses look at among the many flavors of contact lifecycle management software supported by organizations like Cobblestone Systems? First, a friendliness to users. A business may not have the time nor the budget for extensive application training on- or off-site. A CMS package should be a turnkey as possible in order for users to start inputting data with as little research possible.


Second, any CMS application should be mobile. In today’s world, this means compatible with Windows & iOS for desktops and laptops and Android and iPhone for smartphones and tablets. This provides your staff the ability to start a project in the office and upload contract and procurement information from the client. In addition, information should be able to be retrieved from the cloud at any moment instead of a dedicated server.

Third, the CMS needs to be configurable, and not just for coders and IT specialists. Front-end users should be able to configure and add/remove screens per their needs. Information fields should be easy to modify to fit the business and the needed data. Also, if an option is not available, a business should have the ability to contact the CMS for a custom-made module.

Finally, when considering a CMS, a business needs to look at cost. Examine if a company offers more than one level of application for organizations of different sizes. There should also be an option to try the CMS out on a trial basis to ensure it’s the right fit for them. Also, determine the availability of the company’s customer support. If you are a global business, then you need to know if 24-hour service is available when the CMS doesn’t work properly.

Your contract and procurement information is the most critical component of your business, so you can’t trust it to any CMS company. Perform careful research before you choose a CMS to replace your existing record operation.

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