Let’s Check Out the Comparison between Android VS IOS Development

Let’s Check Out the Comparison between Android VS IOS Development

Are you planning to build a mobile application development company for the very first time? If yes, then you will have to decide whether to make it for Android or IOS. The decision will merely depend on some factors which include the target audience, the timeline settled for the project, expected features of the application, budget allocated for the maintenance of the application and the expected revenue that you want to generate from that app. For further information on this you may visit, suavesol.net.

For any development company, it is very important to first decide that which platform would be much suitable for building the app. You might be thinking to eventually develop an app for both IOS and Android but be sure that if you will do so simultaneously in the beginning then it could be quite expensive and risky for your investment. This is the reason why most of the developers launch their mobile app on one platform first and once it starts running successfully then they launch it on the other one.

Your audience is one of the key factors to decide whether to develop an app on IOS or Android!

If you talk about Android devices, then you come to know that they have right now the biggest share in global market and Apple dominates in the areas where customers do not hesitate in spending on app purchases.

In case you are willing to develop an app that has global presence, then in that case Android shall be the preferred platform.

In other case if your target audience is located in Western Europe then you shall prefer IOS mobile app development.

According to many statistics, Android is gaining a lot of popularity in up and coming app markets like Africa, Asia and Latin America. The users of Android apps are usually connected and working on technical posts. IOS is much popular platform for the development of mobile apps if the target audience is affluent and is young. Moreover, if they live in Western Europe, North America and Australia, then you must go with this platform for the development of your app.

IOS Mobile App is fast, easy and inexpensive to build

There is one reason why it is easy to build app on IOS that on Android. When an app is developed on Android, then the developer has to write it in Jaya language. This language requires you to write too many codes as compared to Swift, which is the programming language for Apple.

Additionally, to create Android mobile app, you need to create something that is for open source. It means that there is lack of standardization which makes the user to account for more devices, software fragmentation and components.

Whereas, Apple has a closed and limited ecosystem which means that the development of apps will be for certain type of devices and operating systems.

Developing App for Android Allows Developer TO Offer More Features

Since it has been already discussed that Android is open source so it is easy to customize any app if developing for this development platform. This open environment also increases the risk factor and the chances of development of pirated apps too.

Apple is relatively considered as safer platform for mobile app development platform. This is the reason why this platform has a bigger audience in the global enterprise market.

Conclusively, both the platforms are good and the selection of any one of them totally depends upon each developer’s needs and requirements.

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