Lethal Website Design Sins you need to stop right now

Lethal Website Design Sins you need to stop right now

Website design is an art. And a great artist is someone who do work with love. If you really want to make your website stand out, you need to put away some things that are hurting your website. Here are some tips that can help you leverage your website, instead of driving users away.

Mistake # 1: Avoid using small fonts

You only have 8 seconds to make an impression to the end-user. If you’re not able to grab the attention of your user, your user will not be able to generate leads. For you to get engagement you need to use large fonts.

Small fonts are out of fashion. The fact that 85% of the user use smartphones to order online, you need to use fonts that users can see.

Make sure your brand message and call to action is right there in the front where users can see it clearly.

You need to realize that you have limited time to grab the attention of your user. In that time you need large fonts that can get your message across.

Mistake # 2: Moving Sliders

How do feel when you like something on a website but not able to click it? You might think that your competitor is doing something and that is working for him. Well, I have a bad news for you. My friend, owner Web Design Auckland agency, makes it a point avoid anything that is working for your competitor.

What your competitor is doing not necessarily work for you. A moving slider is old and you don’t need to work on it anymore.

Use static menus that are simple and eye-catchy.

These are enough to grab the attention of the user.

Mistake # 3: Dull Fonts

Gone are the times when you need to use Times New Roman font to make your website successful just because everyone else is using it too. You need to use fonts that will force your users to engage on your website. You need to find persuasive fonts and use those.

You can use fonts that are already successful and companies are using them on their websites. Check the fonts used by news websites, by large digital agencies and use those fonts.

Mistake # 4: Using ancient Call to Action

Call to Action is one thing that can drive a lot of traffic on your website and convert leads. You have seen multiple websites with great content but once you are about to place anorder, you didn’t find where to place the order. Well, they had a weak call to action. But you don’t need a weak call to cation. You need strong one.

Using images as call to action is the new thing. You can use real life images to establish trust among your users.

Once the trust is established, you will be able to force the users to place order from you.

Try out strategies that are working. And also those that are not working for now. You need both to see what is working and what is not working, and what is the reason behind what is not working.

To conclude it all. You need to stop using the things that are not working for you, and start doing the things are working great.

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