How to choose high-resolution gaming monitor?

How to choose high-resolution gaming monitor?

There are different types of monitors that are widely popular among gamers. If we include the statistics that monitor gives to player’s possibility to enjoy we have met much advancement in technology, resolution, and graphics. When you’re buying or building a computer, even though the monitor isn’t the priority, it has to be high-quality because you are going to stare at it all day. You have to think and understand what types of monitors exist and which features could satisfy your needs and requirements. If you know which size is important, the other main factor that you need to consider is resolution and by that, you can choose 1080p gaming monitors that will give you realistic comfort during your gaming hours.


Monitors could vary in sizes and everything depends on what you want to accomplish. For example, 27’’ monitors could be big for your desk, so you need something smaller. There are many possibilities that could depend on your desk space and work that you do, or games which you play. However, if you want to buy 1080p gaming monitors, your choice shouldn’t be 27’’ because the pixel density will lower the quality of your monitor. Monitors of 24’’ are better for this kind of resolution because it will provide you with realistic scenery, colors and amazing view.

Aspect ratios:

What you need to have in mind is that there are different aspect ratios that you can choose as a feature for a monitor that you want to acquire. Most monitors are made with 16:9 aspect ratios which go perfectly with 1080p resolution, however, you can adjust it according to your wishes and get extra vertical 120p and that will make your screen a bit of taller which is great for writing or web browsing.


    • There are different types of panels and each one is great but for different things. You should know this before you buy yourself a new monitor.

    • Twisted Nematic Panels – These are the cheapest ones and most common in these days. They have faster refresh rate and response times and that is why they are ideal for games, especially if you play in 3D.

  • Vertical Alignment Panels – They provide a great midrange option, and have better accuracy than TN panels, however they can produce weird color effects if you look at them from the wrong angle.

In-Plane Switching Panels – This is the most expensive option, with great color accuracy and amazing viewing angles which make them desirable for photographers and graphic designers. However, they have slower refresh rate than TN panels and also slower response, and that could be a problem if you are a competitive gamer.


There are different possibilities that you can choose and features to understand before you buy the monitor you need. However, if you choose right it will give you full satisfaction and comfort during your gaming hours. The era of high-resolution has begun and it is just matter of time when they will become a necessity in the gaming world.

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