How Parents Can Protect their Children’s from Child Abuse?

For a lot of parents, child abuse is normal. But for many this is a serious offense, crime and has permanent effects on the children. That is true. The parents who don’t believe so are less educated, have no knowledge about technology and have never experienced anything like this. However, the young parents understand such things and regard them as harmful for their kids and teens.

Child abuse comes in various forms. Your child uses the phone and talks to someone on messages. He or she is harassed or abused. Your kid may get bullied online on social media apps. Teen girls receive negative remarks and body shaming comments on dating platforms. There are many other forms as well. Whatever the form of child abuse is, it has serious impacts on the young brains and their development.

The purpose of this post is to guide the parents that they should consider such grave matters with seriousness. These are not to be ignored. Children will become what they get and perceive today. If you want your kids to be bullies, drug addicts, violent, extremist- you can carry on with this attitude. If not, try to change things, keep eyes on the kids and get more control over what they do and are fed in form of information.

Why Should Child Abuse Be Taken Serious?

Child abuse usually starts at home when the parents rebuke their children, beat them and get aggressive. It then comes in many other forms when some parents put their young children on work without thinking about their future. Such kids can never become independent in life. They earn little money and sometimes join criminal groups.

There is an advanced or renewed form of child abuse and that is digital child abuse. Parents buy their kids smartphones, arrange internet for them and provide them all basic and essential facilities and amenities. Parents have no role in this type of child abuse. However, they are creating opportunities of child abuse for them.

For many this can be shocking that how parents create child abuse opportunities. The smartphones, the internet, the social media and all digital devices lead to child abuse in one form of the other. Kids spend a huge chunk of their precious time on the internet and particularly social media. These sites have content of every type.

Teens come across cyberbullies, sex predators, and people who make them feel body shamed. Such people make fun of kids, their body, and face and how they talk to. They are mentally tortured. Things like these lead to serious bad attitude, behavior change as well as depression. Parents need to understand all this is doing damage to their children.

What Can Be Done in this Regard?

First thing it can be undone. Parents can control and prevent child abuse in their children. Certain measures should be taken, few steps must be ensured and better parental control is needed in this regard. We are going to put few suggestions and practical steps here that will help parents prevent child abuse.

There is a need that parents get friendly with their kids. When this will happen, teens will start sharing their issues with the parents. If they don’t, parents can ask them if they have some problems. So kids will share child abuse cases for sure and parents can suggest them to stay away from such people.

Parents need to educate their children about child abuse. Many kids don’t understand what child abuse and what bullying are. So they will understand such things and ignore them in case they face something serious.

Lastly, parents need to have checks over what their children do online. That includes the use of phones, internet and social media. In this regard, use of an android spyware app will be the perfect option. Such an app allows parents to monitor social media use and online activities of their children so that child abuse can be prevented.


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