Connect Sensitive Equipment to Software for Efficiency and Ease

Keeping track of the various equipment in large facilities can be daunting, especially when they need regular maintenance or repairs. When vital sign equipment is often on wheels and taken from room to room in hospital facilities, it can be hard to remember and find which one needed to be given maintenance. Having a strong system in place for tracking and recording the performance and position of each piece of equipment is a good idea to keep things running effectively and smoothly. Using preventive maintenance cmms software is the best way to keep your facility functioning and preforming at top level. 

CMMS software is uploaded with all of the equipment that is in the facility, and will calculate everything else for you, saving management lots of hassle, time and money. this type of software will prepare and print work orders, set calendar dates for preventative maintenance checks, and track the time the unit is not in use. These things together help managers keep track of the equipment and see if there are any non-productive areas they can improve. 

If you work at a hospital facility and have various mobile vital sign units in use, it can be hard to track each one and see how often they are used and when they need to be repaired. With CMMS software it’s easy. The software automatically tracks each device and sends alerts when it is time to do preventative maintenance on the device. When the maintenance is done, the system records this information and all other tickets for repairs, so each device will have a log of what happens to it. You can start to see if some of your units are being underused or overused. 

You can also keep track of the vital sign units by labeling them and keeping the same label in the software. Using software that records and tracks maintenance tickets, requests for repairs and work orders all in the same place helps keep everything streamlined for you. now you can be sure that the equipment is in top shape. Each device has been regularly maintained and are all up to date on repairs and work orders. 

Make sure you are quick to add new units to the software when they arrive, or you can lose track of maintenance quickly. Keeping hospital equipment in top condition is very important for accurate readings and efficiency, especially when reading vital signs. Let the software keep you up to date on which units need maintenance and care. And if you connect your equipment units to the software, they can tell the software what parts will need maintenance or replacing, taking more of the guesswork and hassle out of your day. If all of the units are connected to the software, you will always be on top of maintenance checks, repairs and functionality for your vital sign units. Using software to connect and organize your expensive and sensitive equipment is a valuable and useful tool to maintaining efficiency and productivity in your hospital facility.


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