Close It On The Test Drive, Open With Automotive Chat

Close It On The Test Drive, Open With Automotive Chat

You’ve probably heard this pithy piece of advice if you’ve been a car salesperson for any length of time: close it on the test drive. The test drive is when the prospect gets a feel for the vehicle and assuming you’ve done your work, listened to their wants and needs, and recommended the right model for them, they ought to love it. It’s why many dealers are struggling with the new reality that fewer buyers are taking fewer test drivers and visiting fewer showrooms and lots. Your test drive tactics need to be on the ball if you’re going to cut it in today’s auto market.

There are a few simple tricks to making sure you’re making the most of your test drive chances, including:

  • Making it about emotions; learn about the prospect’s life and what their future looks like. If there’s a child in the future in their future, emphasize family-friendliness; if their kids are all grown up or they’re nearing retirement, it’s time to talk about getting back their freedom.
  • Find a quiet spot on the drive where you can take a step back out of the car and ask the buyer to imagine him or herself taking it home that very day.

But before you can close the deal on the test drive, there’s still a lot of work to put into a sales lead, and the first step is getting one. A better way to generate leads is by finding out as much as possible about the lead while you do it and that means an automotive chat for your dealership powered by behavioral intelligence.

Automotive chat is a live chat window that appears on your website that should be staffed 24/7 by third-party trained call center operators. There are chat options out there that make it your responsibility to staff your live chat, but in the majority of cases, it makes more sense to outsource. First of all, your sales team’s time would be better spent following up on leads and making sales than handling live chat queries. Second of all, generally live chat requires response times in under a minute, something that regular staff can’t be expected to do, especially if they’re handling multiple queries at a time during busy periods. Fortunately, automotive chat options like Gubagoo come with an app that connects your sales, so that when they see an opportunity, they can whisper advice or product information to the operator or even jump into the chat, combining the best of both worlds.

But the one must-have feature of any live automotive chat is a behavioral intelligence system that tracks and scores visitors to your website. The behavioral intelligence system offered by Gubagoo not only alerts call center operators to repeat website visitors who should be prompted into a conversation (the more frequently someone visits your website, the more likely it is they are an interested buyer), it also records the pages they visit. That means you know what they’ve been looking at (even if they tell you they want something else). It’s a great way to entice that hesitant buyer into the model they truly want and anticipate their wants and desires. It means your sales team can deliver better, more relevant information in their follows up, and improve your customer relations. Remember that when you “begin with the end in mind,” the end isn’t just a sale, it’s an ongoing relationship. If you want to start seeing more potential customers driving away with your inventory, an automotive chat solution can be a life saver.

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