Building Blocks for Success: Bpm’online and their CRM Online Trial

Building Blocks for Success: Bpm’online and their CRM Online Trial

It is a known-fact that CRM is a booming industry. How can your company refuse a seamless integration of your sales department, marketing, customer service and even accounting? Of course you can’t. The trend today is customer-centric – everything that the company is doing is always for the sake of the customers. A satisfied customer is all you need to make your business grow – this principle has been tested over time. A unified view, a master for all records will help you establish your one on one customer relationship. A better way to showcase how the entire system works is by availing crm online trial.

The cross functional nature of CRM can penetrate the functional silos that are present in your organization for the longest time. The customer is always the first to suffer from these departmental silos- marketing, manufacturing, technical support, sales, and customer service. It is about time to address the issue before it’s too late. The next question is, how?

Where Do You Begin?

As an organization, the big question is where do you begin? Yes, you know that there are departmental silos; you know that your customers are suffering and you know that your business is dying. You also know that you need to act and you are hoping that CRM is the solution that you’ve been looking for. To save time, before even getting a crm online trial, these are the things that you need to consider:

  • Being too “comprehensive” is not always a good idea – you cannot really cover everything. This is a fact that you need to accept. Allow some flexibility, do not be too restrictive as you might end up overblowing the system which will then be difficult to implement. You can have an idea on how the entire system works after availing the crm online trial. The feature are the same once you go live, but of course there are some restrictions unless you made the purchase
  • Is it strategic? – Do you really need the CRM today? When is the best time for implementation? Are there any other factors within the company that you need to think about? Did you get approval from all the stakeholders? Do you exactly know how the CRM implementation will help your business? Have you identified the touchpoints? Who will manage your data?

How CRM Integration helps in Customer Retention

It is always cost-efficient to keep an existing customer for a longer period of time than to acquire new ones. CRM must be able to help you on this side of the business by ensuring that marketing activities are performed on time (nurturing), there are accurate information on customer data (data quality), customer is able to receive the same kind of treatment (excellent customer service) regardless on the department that your customer is in contact with.

Customer retention is everyone’s responsibility – not only marketing and sales. Once a client purchase a product from your company – the person is dealing with the entire organization, even to the CEO. CRM helps integrate your entire business process so the customer will experience continuity. No log time, no wait time, no transferring from department to the next because every person in the company can access the right information at the right time. Responsiveness and reliability brought about by CRM improves customer experience, therefore increasing the chance of customer retention in the long run.

More Than a Contact Database

By this time, you already have an idea that CRM is definitely more than just a contact database. Any CRM management tool enables responsiveness because you can automatically create reminders when you need to make a follow up. You can always create a dashboard to keep you focused. Deals are closed on time because of implemented service level agreements. Processes are standardized and there is always a chance for those who are the weakest in the chain to improve and copy the best practices of the other departments.

The Different CRMs for Your Business

There are different CRMs available in the market. The big 3 are always:

  • SAP
  • Salesforce

If your business is B2B, these are the four CRMs that you can choose from. There is crm online trial available, you can contact their sales department to know more about their products and offerings. For small to medium enterprise, you can choose between SugarCRM and Zoho.

CRM is definitely one of the tools that you need for your business to grow. Many companies today are relying on CRM to make their business process more efficient. The right CRM helps you to interact with your clients efficiently, for better service. The cost is not really the center for discussion but rather the capability of the tool to make a huge impact to growth.

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