Best video marketing tips for 2017

Best video marketing tips for 2017

We’ll be discussing the five best video marketing tips for 2017; I’m Naeem managing director of Smmpoint.  We’re going to be looking at facebook live video, YouTube mark Mobile Optimized video and infotainment. You’re going to need this advice to make sure your marketing strategy is on point of 2017 is going to be a big year live-streaming, it’s instant engaging content for your customers and you’re able to interact with them on like alive basis. So there are many platforms you can start using on its Facebook video live, there’s YouTube video live, and periscope too which is Twitter but today we’re going to be focusing on Facebook video live as I know mostly audience  probably have a following on Facebook and so we’re going to exploit that.

I know someone who use sit for social media updates so every week or so they would be give what was happening in the social media world so people can feedback to them, they can talk about different points and it’s great they managed to use and crate a great following from that, so I just think everyone should be using it.


I wanted to discuss about YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine behind Google and mostly it’s because people just don’t want to read anymore, no one wants to read this long blog about rubbish, when they could just watch a video in a minute and get ten times the amount information in it.

People can search in how to get  YouTube views  and it would come up with up to 1 million things and it’s becoming bigger and bigger what we need to do is to engage the people who are still blogging.

There are opportunities there are the early adopters are the one who are going to succeed the most. There are already lots of early adopters on YouTube, they are smashing it. Third, is a huge thing I think 2017 has been a huge thing for Facebook and Facebook video, how they’ve now made it such a great platform to scroll through your newsfeed and just have video’s playing instantly engaging you with your audience?  Facebook generates eight billion views per day on average it’s huge platform and once your business gets on it just make sure you’re using it right, with the right content and you’ll be sure to succeed.

Last point is how many of you watching this has one of these I don’t mean Iphone, I mean phone you’ve got an S7. I’ve got and Iphone6, I’m sure a lot of you have Iphones and this is the new TV, this is a TV now, people are watching more content on this small screen then they are on their 50-inchplasma t on their TV wall.  It’s very important  to make sure your videos are easily watched on mobile make sure it’s not tiny subtitles across it that you can’t even read, it is so important I think about eighty percent of video are watched on a mobile either through YouTube or Facebook, it’s crazy stuff. I Know 50% of my audience reach my content on mobile yeah so that’s like a whole half of my market.

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