Approve iPhone from Mac

Approve iPhone from Mac

iPhone has the best data security system than any other mobile. This is all because of its operating system. As we know there are two types of the operating system which is used in Smartphone these days. One is the Android operating system which is introduced by Google and used in every smartphone. The other one is the IOS operating system which is introduced by the apple industry and only used in the iPhone.

This will make the iPhone best in the security of data. Because this operating system has so much measure for security that no one access it. As we know the new data technology is cloud technology and we will save our data in cloud servers. So the data which is placed in iCloud by your device can only be access by you.

But sometime you will buy a new iPhone and want to access this data from that device so for that you have to follow some steps to identify your identity. Because the iPhone provides the best security measures for your data so it has a different type of authentication process.

So you can access your data which is placed in iCloud three different ways

  1. Through iPhone
  2. Through your Mac
  3. Through two factor authentication

When you are going through your iPhone you have to follow certain steps and procedures to get access to your data.

  1. Through Iphone : If you wish to access your iCloud on your new iPhone you need to approve this iPhone: .You can easily approve this iPhone from pc or Mac
  2. Through You Mac: To approve your iPhone from Mac follow these steps below:

Go to settings

Open password and account option

Click on the iCloud option

Open keychain option and toggle on the iCloud key chain

Enter the password for your iCloud account

Enter your iCloud passcode

Enter your Mac code

When it will complete you will get access to your icloud data.

Similarly you can approve an iPhone, how to approve iPhone: Same ways there are some steps related to these steps when you want to access your data through your Mac book. This may be a little different from this one but mostly related to these ones.

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