3 Instant Messaging Applications for Your Smartphone

3 Instant Messaging Applications for Your Smartphone

Text messaging has become the thing of the past after the introduction of instant messaging apps, it’s popularity is growing at a great rate. A lot of people are adapting to use instant messaging apps with the growing technological advancements. You might come across a huge number of instant messaging apps which does the exact same things but has little to difference in their user interface.

It might be difficult to choose an instant messaging application when you’re not sure about the what’s available in the market. You might be aware of the fact that most smartphones operate on either of the two platforms – Android or IOS.

Here’s a list of instant messaging applications available in the market:

  1. WhatsApp

Most people are aware of WhatsApp application, in fact, a lot of people are regular users of this instant messaging application. It works equally well with Android and iOS platform with ease, millions of people use this application day in and day out. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to set up and use WhatsApp, which can be installed and used by just about anybody with few simple steps and little patience.

WhatsApp has added a special feature that facilitates you to do voice calls that work well most of the time. However, you should have a good signal in your mobile network or WIFI if you wish to have a better voice call experience in WhatsApp. If it’s just about connecting with friends and family using an instant messaging app, WhatsApp might just do fine for you.

  1. KIK

KIK is one of the popular messaging application which unlike WhatsApp doesn’t require a phone number to use it. However, you can add people to using the kik usernames and chat with them. It has a special feature to create group chats where you can add up to 50 people in the conversation.

Kik also enables provides you the liberty to do more than just send text messages, you can share funny GIFs, images, and memes. If fun is what you expect from an instant messaging application, kik is the one you should try your hands on.

  1. Messenger

Messenger is used by more than hundred billion users worldwide on both Android and iOS platforms. It’s a product of the social media giants Facebook, it’s also known by the name Facebook Messenger. It can be used without having to submit your mobile number, however, you’ll be able to communicate with only the Facebook users.

It’s not a mandate for users to be logged into their Facebook account every time they use Messenger, a onetime login is all you need to use Messenger. It works just fine with almost every operating system, though the basic functioning might be same, however, they might look different in the way based on the operating system.

There is no one-size-fits-all instant messaging application to suit the liking of every person, it’s a matter of what you like and what you don’t. Some applications require kik usernames, while some works with your phone numbers. It’s suggested that you choose an instant messaging app after looking into privacy features with its other fancy features.

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