Elements to Consider When Shopping for a New Modem Online

Buying a modem is much more economical than renting one. However, there is a need to understand how to go about the process of purchasing a new cable modem. It’s crucial to ensure a modem meets the standards, laws, and practices of your broadband provider. Your situation may differ depending on where you are located. Note that you may not be able to replace a modem if it is used both for voice phone services and internet services. Below are four elements to consider when looking for a new modem online. 

Make Sure Your Modem Works with Your Broadband Provider 

While most types of modems work with nearly all cable providers, a few are exceptional. It is wise to buy a modem that works with all the giant cable providers. You can check with your cable provider before purchasing a new modem to know the types of modems that work with their services. Alternatively, one can run a search online or call providers such as Skyus DS to get more information about the modem you wish to buy. 

Choose a Fast Cable Modem 

Cable companies use DOCSIS as the standard for sending information over the wire. There are three iterations of DOCSIS which include 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x. A modem with the compatibility of DOCSIS 3.0 has a higher performance. In contrast, a mid-range DOCSIS modem offers upload speeds of up to 130Mbps and download speed of up to 340 Mbps. You can look for the hi-end modem if you want higher download speeds. You can know how fast a modem is by checking the number of channels listed on it. Most modems have four up channels and eight down channels. An eight-channel modem is a little faster than a four-channel modem. Recently, 16-channel cable modems have come to the market. However, note that a modem won’t make your internet faster no matter how fast is, but it is wise to take advantage of the fastest modem possible. 

Check the Speed of Your Ethernet Port 

You probably run a cable modem separately from a router. Regardless of how fast a cable modem is, a slow Ethernet cord can slow down your entire connection. The signal has to travel from the modem, through the cable, and across an Ethernet port to connect your computer to the internet. Choke points on an Ethernet cord often make the internet to slow down. However, the internet speed of modems that support gigabit never encounters limitation problems. 

Choose Between a Router Combination and Modem 

You can either buy a separate modem or a combination of both modem and router. While a combination of a modem and router seems like an excellent idea, it’s often prone to downtime. It also limits the flexibility of the internet user. You may need to replace the entire device if you decide to upgrade to a wireless router. You may want to improve the speed of your router, add more ports, or upgrade to a wireless modem. All these factors will help you find the best modem.

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