PNG to JPG – Free Image Converters

PNG to JPG – Free Image Converters

The two most commonly used image formats are PNG and JPG, however, every user has their preference. While all the two maintains a good image quality, PNG occupies a much larger storage space than JPG and this is the reason why users tend to want an image converter like a PNG to JPG converter since it is a better way to free up storage space.

An image converter is a tool that converts an image from one format into another format. Conversions can be from PNG to JPG or PNG to BMP and vice versa among other formats. There are numerous reasons why people may want to convert images from one format into another. First, you may want to convert an image because the current format isn’t supported by your program you are opening it with. Second, for people applying for jobs, some sites usually specify what format candidates should use while uploading their curriculum vitae and this is when an image converter especially a PNG to JPG converter comes in for help.

There are many image converters online currently, however, in this article, I have picked the best image converters for Windows.

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  1. ZamZar

ZamZar is a powerful tool that is helpful when it comes to conversion from PNG to JPG online. This image converter supports numerous picture and graphic formats and it is faster in conversions. You can convert images using ZamZar online for free. Note that while the other converters will just save the converted image in your selected storage location, ZamZar takes a different approach since you will be required to enter your email address to receive your converted image.


This is yet another online tool that has simplified image conversions. With this online converter, you can convert numerous file formats and images.To convert an image using this tool, you just go to “Image converter” on the small box titled “Free Online file converter”, select the format you want your image to be converted to and then click Go. When the site supports the format you want to convert your file to, you will be taken to another window where you will upload your image from your computer and then click convert. You may decide to choose your image or enter its URL. The process takes some few minutes and you are done.

  1. Adapter

If you are a Mac or a Windows operating system user, Adapter is your image converter software. This image converter software supports most popular file formats and a lot of incredible features but you must download and install it on your machine, unlike the other online image converters. The good thing about Adapter is that it allows users to drag and drop images into a queue and then select the output format.  Also, it provides users with the ability to see the image size of your file before it is converted and after. This image converter supports formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.


Use the above image converters always whenever you get a “Format not Supported” alert. Choose one that suits your needs.

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