How to Use TikTok For Your Small Business

TikTok is one of those new social media platforms that businesses are still trying to figure out as a means for marketing towards a specific demographic. But we at NetSearch Digital have plenty of ideas for helping you use this exciting new social media app to your advantage.

Small businesses are always trying to find new ways to introduce their brand, product, or service to the audience most likely to seek them out. But like all social media platforms, their users are savvy and even leery of companies eager to exploit these apps and portals for financial gain. So, you need to be particularly thoughtful as to whether or not this platform (or any other for that matter) is the right one for your type of business.

Sometimes the best digital marketing tips are those which steer a small business owner away from a marketing method for fear that it’s the wrong one for that particular business. But is TikTok the right one or the wrong one? That’s up to you and we’re here to help you make that decision. Let’s break down everything you need to know about the TikTok social media app.

Test Drive It First

If you plan to use TikTok for your marketing efforts, be sure that you’ve actually used it before. Users can smell a phony from a mile away and if your business has been caught trying to “look cool” on an app or platform that you clearly don’t understand, your message is dead on arrival.

So, spend some time on TikTok, view the content posted on it, understand how users interact and communicate with one another. Every platform has a culture and a protocol about it and if your business doesn’t fit in with these online social mores, then you should not pursue any type of marketing campaign with it.

TikTok is about having fun, it’s about making goofy videos, it’s about making fun of yourself and others. The age range of TikTok users is about 15 to 25 years of age, so your brand or product should be targeted directly to that demographic.

Offer Appealing Content

Remember, TikTok content is about fun. It’s about being creative and even a little snarky. On the plus side, TikTok videos are not high production value affairs, most users film their videos with cameras on their smartphones. But you should also understand the tone of these videos. They’re light-hearted, there’s nothing terribly deep or involved going on, and the videos are short.

You don’t want to post some kind of wordy, overly produced, and boring content on the platform because it will be roundly ignored. Even more important, do not try to be zany or silly if your brand or product doesn’t fit in that category. Content that is trying too hard to be meme-worthy or seeking to go viral will never succeed on TikTok. These types of videos are organic and look effortless. You will look anything but if you attempt to go goofy and low-brow.

However, if your brand or service has that kind of an edge to it already, then you can produce content that reflects such an attitude. On the other hand, just because your brand is less wacky doesn’t mean you can’t offer engaging and unique content.

Some companies choose to keep it simple, show off their product or service, add a little music, maybe incorporate an engaging host or participant in the video and come across as genuine. You will attract far more views and more fans when you “keep it real” versus trying to be something you clearly are not. If your business is a good one and has a product that TikTok users might want to buy, they will seek you out and engage.

Harness the Power of TikTok Advertisements

Much like so many other social media platforms out there, TikTok has begun to incorporate advertising as part of its platform. These are simple and engaging opportunities for the right type of small business and they include things like brand takeovers in which a company takes the platform over for a day. The brand can post photos, videos, GIF’s, some or all with links to landing pages.

Another option is branded lenses, which lets users add 2D and 3D images over faces in photos and videos. The brand and its product names are splashed across the lenses so users see your ad when they decide to use your lens in their content. Lenses are very popular right now and slapping your brand name on a lens can give it wide visibility.

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