Misconceptions about SEO Companies in Sydney

Misconceptions about SEO Companies in Sydney

When it comes to hiring an SEO in Sydney, many people get it wrong mainly because of the misconceptions that surround this industry. As you know, misconception influences your decision, and could mislead you when choosing a search engine optimization company. Let me clear the air today by outlining some of the most disturbing misconceptions that people have about SEO agencies.

  1. A great SEO firm has a good website

I bet you have heard many people saying that if an SEO company has an appealing website that is easy to navigate then it will definitely do a good job. Well, this is too far from the truth. If you are looking to hire an SEO firm to design your website then you can settle for the one with a great website. However, if you are looking to hire a top-notch firm to provide you with marketing services, then how their website looks should not worry you. After all, so many great firms have second-rated websites.

  1. A great company makes millions of dollars and has many employees

It is not necessarily true that a company that makes millions of money and has employed hundreds of people will translate to a very successful SEO. Of course, that company must be very good at something, which might have nothing to do with search engine optimization. The company might be very big because they are good at forming great partnerships, which is a skill that might not bring you SEO success. In fact, even an expert working just from his basement can be a great SEO for you. On the same not, an international company that employs more than 500 people might indeed be the right one for your online marketing. You should never disqualify or run to a company based on its size.

  1. A good company ranks#1 on Google for SEO related searches

When shopping for an SEO agency, you will probably start your research by searching for the ones within your geographical area. Like many other people out there, do not assume that the companies you find in the first page are the best for your online marketing plan. If a firm shows up in the first pages of search engines for “SEO in Sydney, it doesn’t mean it is the greatest one in Sydney. It can actually be because the company has done a splendid job on SEO. Again, it might be because the firm is among the first one in Sydney, and has domain that has been in use for a long time.

  1. A great firm has worked for many companies

This is one of the most disturbing misconceptions surrounding SEO firms. A firm might have worked for many other businesses but that’s beside the point. What matters is whether the past clients are happy with the services they received. Instead of concentrating on how many companies like SEO Shark has worked with, look at case studies and references. If the past and current customers are happy, then yes, the firm might be what you are looking for.

You should not hire a firm just because it looks good, ranks well in search engines, or has worked with many companies. Instead, look beyond aesthetics.

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