Using Software at Your Church

Most churches are registered as non-profit-making businesses. For this reason, they often must have giving campaigns in order to raise money for repairs or renovations to their buildings and other necessary things. These giving campaigns have always gone out to the congregation through handouts and leaflets. There may have been meetings that explained what the campaign was to be used for and how much money they needed to raise. It worked well this way for many years, but, today many churches are turning to the internet in order to raise funds. 

Donations Received Online 

Many people today do not use cash any longer. Debit and credit cards have replaced the need for it. You can use these cards almost anywhere and they are safer than carrying around paper money. Because of this, churches are finding that their donations have decreased, and they have no way to collect for their needs. The software designers have come up with the solution to this problem by creating online giving software that can be put in place for the churches to receive donations online. The parishioners simply go on the internet to a website that is provided by the software company and input their credit card information and the amount they want to donate. 

Better Record Keeping For Churches 

One of the most difficult things a church had to do in the past was to keep records of donations that were made. They must account for all donations and report them to the congregation at the end of the year since it is a tax write off for the people. Sometimes, it was not quite clear who made the donation or the amount of it. Many times, money was placed in the collection plate and not marked properly. Using software to collect donations allows them to see who gave what. This is very important at the end of the year when they reconcile their books. They will be able to report everything exactly. 

Designing The Campaign Online 

The software your church uses should include all of the information about the giving campaign. It can also update patrons periodically as the program proceeds. You will want to know where the money is being spent. The software will keep a record of how far your church needs to go before reaching its goal and may prompt more people to make a donation. The design of the campaign site should be done by both the church and the software company in order to present it correctly. 

Your church may have several campaigns going at one time. Each of them can be featured on a separate web page using the same software. This is great since you can see every one of them at once and choose which of them you would like to send money to. Each campaign is tabulated individually by the software and all records are kept confidential. Only the church elders can see all of the information on there. Your church should use one of these for their next giving campaign.

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