Will the Car Rental Industry Lose Business With the New Personal Tech Distraction Driving Rules?

A Department of Transportation study was published, which had been written and researched years ago; it warned of the deadly problems concerning personal tech devices that people use while driving. In a report the statistics actually showed that using personal tech devices, such as text messaging, and PDAs, or while searching cell phone databases for information was more dangerous and could cause more accidents than even drunk driving.

That revelation was astounding, but it didn’t surprise the numerous people who have lost family members because someone wasn’t paying attention to the road while using a personal tech device. Not long ago, the state of California made a law that you are not allowed to text message while driving.

Of course that’s an obvious one and it’s almost as if people should know better than to do that anyway. Especially after a commuter train missed a signal light and ran into a cargo train killing over 30 people in Los Angeles. Still, one has to ask if these new laws that prevent people from using personal tech devices, cell phones, PDAs, and text messaging devices will hurt other industries, which industries you ask?

Well, what about cell phone companies because if people are not allowed to use their cell phone while driving the cell phone companies will have less business. What about ambulance services, fewer traffic accidents mean fewer people will need to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Tow companies also will lose business because fewer people will be crashing their cars and therefore fewer people will need to rent cars from rental car agencies as well.

In fact, this topic actually came up recently at a Rent-A-Car Industry trade show. Think about it and please consider all this.

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