How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan Like A Pro

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan Like A Pro

If you have to choose a digital platform to market your business, what will it be and why? While many people are no expert in marketing, one of the most probable response you’ll hear is that social media sites are your best bet. Why? It is because everyone knows that a massive number of internet users are active users of these websites.

Statista, a website which provides market and consumer data, claims that 2.46 billion internet users are on social media. These statistics were for 2017 alone. By the year 2021, they predict that it can increase substantially for up to 3.02 billion social media users.

As the lovechild of the internet and being the fastest growing trend there is, marketers and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of social media sites. And so, Social Media Marketing was born. Before, the common question business owners have is “why do we need to use social media for our business?” Today, the “why” turned to “how.”

Knowing what social media is, how it works and how to use it is not enough to guarantee success. It is true that many businesses are now on such sites, but still find it hard to grow their followers and make a considerable revenue out of it. The reason for this is the lack of solid and documented social media marketing plan. There’s how to formulate one like a pro.

Determine Your Objectives

Before you create a plan, it is vital that you already have smart goals. Objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based are what you need to formulate a plan that works. Make sure you do not only have short-term goals but long-term ones as well.  This is also essential when hiring an SEO PERTH company to help you with your SEO. They can help you become more successful only if you if you provide them with smart objectives in the first place.

Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Be specific when it comes to targeting your clients. For example, you want to use social media to advertise products or services that cater to women. You’ll have to set specific characteristics of your ideal customer. Where do they live? What is their age bracket? What are their interests and how much can they afford or earn yearly?

Choose Your Social Networks

First things first, If you still have no page in whichever network, now is the perfect time to find the perfect one. But how do you do that? Answer the following questions, and you’ll learn where to create to build your social media presence.

  • Who is my target audience and what social media sites do they use?
  • What are my social media marketing goals?
  • What are my skills and resources?

Assess Your Present Social Media Presence

If you are already in some social networks, it is time to assess where you currently stand. It is better to check which sites you are already in and how many followers you have. You might also want to note how many are following and unfollowing you, and even know which sites your target audiences that are more active. Also, compare your social media presences with that of your competitors.

Create A Mission Statement

One of the things that makes a brand standout is their documented statement. One can gain people’s attention and trust by showing them what you’re all about, what you have to offer and whether you are an expert in your field or not. Your clients will want to see posts and shares relevant to your mission, and not just any random post them can get off of the internet.

Determine Metrics That Will Measure Your Social Media Marketing Success

Since you already have your objectives and have formulated your mission statement, you will need to identify the things you can use to measure the success of your campaign. Some make use of conversion rates, sentiments or by the total number of likes and shares they get. Others measure by reach, and the time visitors spends on their websites, etc.

Construct A Plan When Creating Contents

We already know that people will only follow pages that peeks and retains their interest. Not only will your posts be relevant – they should also be compelling enough to make your followers engage in discussions. Make sure to create contents that are not only related to your niche, is well written and professional-looking. You should always incorporate your mission statement and that your brand’s personality will shine through every post.

Keep It Simple – At First

So you’re struggling to gain enough likes, have more followers or even make people talk about what you post, start with simple content-making strategies you’re good at making. For example, you can start promoting your blog posts, photos, and customer feedback. Then, you can create your videos, share news announcements and even go live streaming.

Align It With Your Content Marketing

For your social media marketing plan to be successful, you will need to align it with your content marketing strategies. Make sure these go hand in hand to ensure all your efforts will pay off. How can you this?

  • Schedule your shares during the best times of the day
  • Use a language that most of your target audiences knows and understands
  • Optimise your efforts with the help of a company that offers excellent SEO PERTH services
  • Don’t be scared to repurpose your most-liked shares
  • Focus on creating quality contents that have many engagements instead of those that only receive likes but are never revisited or shared again
  • Respond to negative feedbacks with grace and style

Use Social Media Marketing Tools

Thankfully, there are lots of tools you can use to aid you with your social media marketing. Some tools help you to schedule posts. Others can help you search for trending topics and in demand keywords in your niche. It would also help if you use tools that allow you to monitor your analytics effectively, lets users share your contents freely and one that lets you automate your tasks.

The items mentioned above are ways that can help you create a foolproof social media marketing plan for your brand. Anytime you need a refresher or needs a guide to make a new one, you can always count on these to help you grow your business.


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